Friday, August 5, 2016


I was born under a volcano, well not really deep down, but opposite. I saw for the first time the Volcano bag while I was under another volcano. This leather triangle is part of the project Casaforte sculptures with the idea of bringing art in everyday life. The casaforte S. B. is a space for thought and work created by Valeria Borrelli, artist and video artist, and Antonio Sacco, architect and photographer. In the heart of the Spanish Quarter of Naples, this large house built in a cloister of the end '500, was created with the idea of hosting artists for an interdisciplinary cooperation project. Volcano Bag it is made at LA Casaforte S.B. with the Quartieri Spagnoli craftsmen.
..and when I fill it really too much I can say "I have the bag exploding".

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