Saturday, August 13, 2016


For her first exhibition in the Netherlands, American artist Avery Singer (New York, 1987) developed a number of new paintings, which are shown in the VandenEnde Foundation Gallery along with the recently acquired installation , Untitled (2015), and other recent work. As an introduction to Scenes, the artist selected a number of works from the Stedelijk collection, on display in the IMC Gallery. Singer has gained reputation for her original use of contemporary design techniques in the development of paintings. She uses the 3D design softwares SketchUp and Blender to create digital compositions., which are then projected onto canvas and coloured in using an airbrush. Her color palette is mostly limited to grab scale, in reference to the longstanding tradition of the grisaille. Another important theme in Singer's work is the art world-the network of curators, collectors, critics, and galleries. With a sense of irony she depicts the relations between artists and the world as well as its rituals and behaviours. Her abstract figuration also references the formal aesthetics of early twentieth-century art movements, such cubism.
An illusion of three-dimensionality arises not only from the troupe l'ceil effect, the size, and the placement of Singer's paintings, but also from their production process. Generated within digital space, her work represents a lack of materiality while simultaneously giving this digital world a physical, tangible shape.
until October 2, 2016

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