Thursday, August 11, 2016


De Hallen is one of the places to visit in Amsterdam.
 It was a building where once the first electric trams in Amsterdam were serviced. In the former tram depot, an official monument built between 1902 and 1928, you now find De Hallen Amsterdam. Right in the middle of the 19th century district Amsterdam West. This ex tram station was transformed in a centre for media, culture, fashion, food and crafts.
 This 19th century neighborhood, right next to the City-center and the Jordan, is packed with unique shops, cafes and restaurants, a library, hotels and markets – which creates a fantastic place to spend your time. The shops in the Hallenkwartier are popular by the distinctive and creative Dutch. And then there is in the center of Het Hallenkwartier: De Hallen: Center for Media, Culture, Fashion and Gastronomy.

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