Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The World Press Photo Foundation works to develop and promote quality visual journalism.
The annual World Press Photo contest rewards professional photographers for the best single exposure pictures contributing to the past year of visual journalism.
The photographs are judged in terms of their accurate, fair, and visually compelling insights about our world. The contest is judged by a jury comprising leading photojournalism professionals.
(The exhibition will be open until 28 May)

La Fondazione World Press Photo si impegna a sviluppare e a promuovere un giornalismo visivo di qualità.
Il concorso annuale World Press Photo premia i fotografi professionisti che hanno realizzato gli scatti migliori nell'anno precedente, dando un contributo importante al giornalismo visivo di qualità.
Le fotografie sono giudicate in base alla loro capacità di offrire uno spaccato autentico, accurato e visivamente coinvolgente del mondo in cui viviamo. Il concorso è giudicato da una giuria internazionale formata da illustri esponenti del fotogiornalismo.
(La mostra sarà visitabile fino al 28 Maggio)

Burhan Ozbilici -Turkey, The Associated Press- 1st Prize Stories

Tomàs Munita-Chile, for The New York Time - 1st Prize stories

Peter Bauza-3rd Prize Stories

Amber Bracken- 1st Prize Stories
Daniel Berehulak-1st Prize Stories
Sergey Ponomarev - 2nd Prize Stories

Markus Jokela - 3rd Prize Long-Term Projects

Hossein Fatemi-An Iranian journey-2nd Prize  Long-Term Projects
Valery Melnikov- Black Days of Ukraine -1st Prize  Long-Term Projects
Michael Hanke -2nd Prize Stories

Michael Vince Kim - 1st Prize Stories

Michael Vince Kim - 1st Prize Stories

Giovanni Capriotti- 1st Prize Stories

Wang Tiejun - 2nd Prize Singles

Jay L. Clendenin - 3rd Prize Stories

Cameron Spencer - 2nd Prize Singles

Ami Vitale - for National Geographic - 2nd Prize Stories

Bence Màté - 2nd Prize Stories
Francis Pérez - 1st Prize Singles

Jaime Rojo - 3rd Prize Singles


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