Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Belgrade - The exhibition “The Cleaner” is The first major European retrospective of Marina Abramovic. It cheonologically reviews all the phases of the artist’s fifty-year career, from The works of the early 1960s to those of the present day. It contains over 120 artworks, including paintings, drawings, objects, photographs, sound works, video, films, scenography and archival materials. Among the works exhibited are the anthological works of performance art (Rhythms. 1973-1974; Lips of Thomas, 1975; Relational works, 1976-1977; Nightsea Crossing, 1982-1986), as well as representative works from Ambramovic’s recent body of work (Balkan Baroque. 1977; The House with the Ocean View, 2002; Artist is Present, 2010). Throughout her career, Marina Abramovic pushed her physical and mental boundaries exploring the themes of emotional and spiritual transfiguratiin, creating some of the most mesmerizing performance acts to date. For Marina Abramovic, performance art is the art of transformation that develops through the exchange of energy between the performer and the audience. It is the art of “cleaning” that possesses the capacity to foundamentally change how one experiences the self, others and the collective, as well as how one relates to life itself. The artist’s oeuvre attests to a constant search for methods and techniques that release the energy of humans, objects and actions.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade 

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