Thursday, May 26, 2022


If you are in New York, don’t miss the opportunity to see again the dialogue between Giorgio Morandi and Ettore Spalletti at Maggiore g.a.m. at Tefaf Spring (Park Avenue 66th and 67th st) 
 The exhibition wanted by Franco, Roberta Calarota and Ettore Spalletti himself who choose even the color of the walls of the XV century building where Maggiore g.a.m. gallery is located in Bologna since 1978. The show has been described everywhere from newspapers to art books. Today we picked-up the description done by Francesco Bonami in "La Repubblica" when he said: « The Spalletti that I remember most is the one I saw a few years ago in Bologna at Maggiore g.a.m. where his works were placed next to those of Morandi […] Morandi's bottles and Spalletti's spaces were like the voices in a duet between two sopranos. Lightness and power. Two qualities that only a few great Masters have been able to create and control in the history of art »

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