Thursday, September 8, 2016


Latterly Korean cosmetics are becoming one of the biggest trends. Korean women are famous around the world for the maniacal attention that they devote to their skin; taking care of your beauty is understood as a way to take care of themselves, basically the main key of the Korean beauty concept recall the idea of ​​purity. With regard to the Korean Cosmetics, particular attention is paid to the skin protection from external agents, in particular from the damage of UV rays. Usually they use very high protection factors every day even during the winter. For a clear and perfect skin, korean women use clarifying products with exfoliating acids, vitamin C, arbutin ecc., in Korea a skin free from blemishes, discoloration and redness is seen as the main factor of beauty. Of course very important it is also hydration, hyaluronic acid is already used from young age with masks or super moisturizing pack. Many brands have an American version of the site where you can see all the ingredients. The most famous brands of Korean cosmetics are sold on (who sends in Italy), but also directly on Korean e-shop: almost all they send to us and you can pay safely with PayPal. Try on,

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