Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Three steps for a bright face:

1: exfoliate the face with Sisley GENTLE FACIAL BUFFING CREAM Crème Gommante pour le visage Rich in exfoliating Bamboo micro-particles of natural origin, the Gentle Facial Buffing Cream sweeps away dead skin cells and impurities. This isn't one of those harsh scrubs that take a layer off. the creamy formula sets to a mask and you're advised to leave it on a while, I then add water and emulsify it so I feel the benefit of the scrubby beads to exfoliate and rinse off. It gently refines the skin texture thanks to the soothing properties of German Chamomile extract. The exfoliant increases the skin's receptiveness to other skin care products in the routine. It leaves your skin nice and smooth and it feels fresh and healthy. It buffs away every impurity and prepares the skin for the next products.

2. Mene & Moy (M&M Systems) Glycolic Acid Masque 10% stimulates and cleanses pores, tighten, tones and nourishes skin. Perfect for all skin types, it's specially indicated for acne and oily skin treatment. Deep cleansing, exfoliating facial mask containing 10% glycolic acid. pH 3.00. Frequent use provides an excellent defense against the elements which clog and block pores. Smooth a thin layer over the face,forehead and neck. Allow to dry for 2-5 mins and wash off with water and I usually add some drops of olive oil to cleanse and soften my face.

3:Bionike Defense B-Lucent Concentrated Anti-Spotting is an intensive treatment that favors the attenuation of brown spots and prevents their appearance, helping to make the complexion brighter and more uniform.it must be followed with the application of a moisturising cream that replenishes skin.

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