Wednesday, December 18, 2019


Preah Khan temple or sacred sword is one of the most beautiful temples at complex which you can see all natural views with fine carvings, big walls within arts. Even larger than Ta Prohm, this large temple maintained the same raw unrestored feel as its more famous counterpart (both built by Jayavarman VII). King Jayavarman VII built this temple in memory of his father in 12th Century, Prea Khan is supposed to have been built in the site where the King defeated the Chams ( Vietnamese Kingdom). There are four Concentric ramparts. The central Complex is budhist, the northern part of the temple is dedicated to Shiva and Western part is dedicated to Vishnu, Beautiful carvings lurked, and there were a lot of interesting features. The entrance on one of the sides with statues is great as well is the room with sunlight coming in from the top. Have your driver drop you off on the east side and pick you up on the west side because it’s quite a walk or vice versa.

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