Sunday, December 22, 2019


Srah Srang is an ancient and historic man-made reservoir, located.just opposite to Banteay Kdei temple.Sras Srang was dug in the mid-10th century, by initiative of Kavindrarimathana, Buddhist minister of Rajendravarman II. It was modified around the year 1200 by Jayavarman VII,125 who added the laterite landing-stage at its western side.As other barays, maybe there was a temple standing on an artificial island in the middle of it, as suggested by finding of a basement. The landing-stage, opposite the entrance to Banteay Kdei is cruciform, flanked by nāga balustrades which end with the upright head of a serpent, mounted by a garuda with its wings unfurled. The steps that lead down to the water are flanked by two guardian lions.
A perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.

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