Sunday, December 15, 2019


Angkor Wat is the biggest temple of the whole world, it acquire a land area more than 500 acres and build in 12th century and took 30 years for its construction. Worlds biggest temple of renowned sculpture and art. Angkor Wat was built by Suryavarman II and nearby Bayon/Angkor Thom complex was constructed by his son Jayavarman VII. Angkor Wat is a predominantly Hindu Temple whereas Angkor Thom is a mix of Hindu and Buddhist. Even before the 1400s the Angkor was already in its fall due to many reasons like the on going drought, which made the maintenance of the large irrigation almost impossible. And thus their agriculture falls as well. But mainly it was due to the on going ransacked of Angkor's growing neighbor, Siam. And during King Ponheayart's reign in Angkor (1421-1431) he decided to move his capital primarily to Toul basan in 1432, due to the fact that the capital was heavily damaged due to the years of war, their enemy is too close to the capital and to provide a relief to his people suffering from the war. But Toul Basan is prone to flood thus he moved to the present capital Chaktumuk mungkeol (present Phnom Penh) in 1434 and ruled there till 1463. The new Capital had a river branching on 4 sides beneficial for the economy and the people's livelihoods. Ever since then they abandoned Angkor and centuries passed, the people forgot about the Angkor thinking it was a myth. Until 1800s, when it was founded. The best time to visit this archaeological site is sunrise or sunset. Truly spectacular.

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