Friday, November 11, 2016


The Scottish National Gallery is on The Mound, right in the heart of Edinburgh, on Princes Street.
It's composed by two galleries enclosed by a magnificent garden. I was delighted to follow an outdoor sculpture trail with work by some artists like Henry Moore, Richard Lang, Barbara Hepworth, Nathan Coley and Anthony Gormley.
The first thing that I saw when I was arrived it was the Nathan Coley's installation:
THERE WILL BE NO MIRACLES HERE, This outdoor work  proposes, on a scaffolding support six metres high in illuminated text, ‘There Will Be No Miracles Here’. This originates from a project in which Coley posted a series of public announcements around the town of Stirling. One included these words, taken from a seventeenth-century royal proclamation made in a French town believed to have been the frequent site of miracles. Coley’s practice is based in an interest in public space, and how systems of personal, social, religious and political belief structure our towns and cities, and thereby ourselves.
Walking up to the Gallery 1 are exposed many interesting installations (I love Antony Gormley - Horizon from 6 Times 6times). I walk away from the National Gallery leaving behind the Martin Creed's installation: ‘Work No. 975 EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT’. It is one of Martin Creed’s most iconic works. It characterises his desire to communicate and interact with the viewer – to create a reaction and stir an emotion. For Creed, experience is fundamental to understanding his work and he asserts that his art is “50% about what I make and 50% about what other people make of it.” His work is often playful and minimalist and ‘Work No. 975 EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT’, blazoned across the Gallery’s frieze, operates in a similar vein. Visually spectacular in its neon audacity, the work, however, encourages a more contemplative response. Although it is at first an overtly familiar and reassuring phrase, it plays on our personal insecurities and gently suggests that everything might not be alright.
After a day like this I thought that There are many miracle there and that Everytingh is going to be alright!
Nathan Coley - There will be no miracles here

George Rickey - Two Lines up  Excentric VI

Dan Graham - Two Two-Way Mirrored Parallelograms Joined with One Side Balanced Spiral Welded Mesh
Richard Lang - Macduff Circle

Emile Antoine Bourdelle - The Virgin of Alsace

William Turnbull - Gate

Eduardo Paolozzi - Master of the Universe

Antony Gormley - 6 Times Horizon from 6Times

Dame Barbara Hepworth - Conversation with Magic Stones

Henry Moore - Reclining Figure

Martin Creed - Work no.975 Everything is going to be alright

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